Move to These Green Cities

If you feel like all you see is smog and your carbon footprint seems to be taking over your entire city, it might be time to move to a place that is a little greener. It might seem a bit crazy to make a move solely based on greenness and energy consumption, but the truth is that energy and electricity control a lot of our life. We use cars that consume gas, our homes need power or electricity to do pretty much anything, and more. Here at City Power and Gas, we respect the fact that energy consumption is inevitable and are trying to find sustainable, cost-effective ways to give our customers the energy, power and electricity they need. Of course, we look to other cities, beacons of greenness, for inspiration. If you enjoy getting the same kind of go-green motivation as we do, you’ll love this blog, as it features the five top cities to move to if you really wanna go green. But also, you can really be green from wherever, if you set your mind to it and enlist the help of an energy and electric supplier with a commitment to the earth we inhabit, such as that of City Power and Gas. But, these cities are also just fun to look at, so without further ado, here are the top green cities in the entire world as of 2018.


Copenhagen ranks number one on our list of the greenest cities in the world as of 2018. This beautiful Danish city ranks so highly due to its bike-friendly roads, low levels of carbon dioxide emissions, solar-powered boat services, energy-efficient buildings and more.


This Swedish capital ranks second on our list of the greenest cities in the world. Stockholm is committed to greenness, as evidenced by their superb waste recycling, amount of green space,  lack of greenhouse gas emissions, and a well maintained bicycling culture.


Amsterdam is one of the coolest cities in the world, but also one of the greenest. All of the citizens seem to be very committed to greenery, everyone is biking, there are pedestrian paths, the city has severely cut down on carbon dioxide emissions and installed solar panels. Additionally, wind turbines produce a large amount of energy used in the city.


Though most of the cities on this list are in Europe, Curitiba gives a divergence as it is a Brazilian city. The city boasts impressive urban planning, green spaces, botanical gardens, strict environmental laws against logging and more, and an impressive transit system in the city’s downtown.

San Francisco:

Finally, a win for the United States! This legendary city is known for its progressiveness, so it’s no surprise that it found its way on the list. The city features high levels of recycling, efficient environmental programs and policies that entail possibilities of solar/wind/hydro/geo-thermal/biofuel power, and impressive carpooling.

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