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How to Make Your Home Greener

You may love your home, but is it green enough? Well, what does that even mean, anyways? Basically, the greenness of your home refers to how environmentally-friendly it is. These days, you’re going to want your home to be as environmentally-friendly as humanly possible. This is for two major reasons- the earth and its resources are finite and we need to protect the generations that come after us. The second reason is that converting your house to have more environmentally friendly features will save you a ton of bucks! Here at City Power and Gas, there’s nothing we love more than finding (or providing) a deal and helping the environment. So without further ado, here are a few tips and tricks to help you turn your house into a green oasis.

One great way to make your house a little greener is to enroll in online statements for your mail and things you pay for, so you don’t get on junk mail lists. Think about it, you probably get so much junk mail- bills, fake bills, letters, fake letters. Do you know how many trees that is? Seriously though, reducing the amount of mail you receive directly translates to a better organic footprint. It reduces the number of trees cut down and the more trees the more carbon dioxide being converted into oxygen. Also, think about the people and transportation vehicles that must deliver said mail. Reducing mail will help to reduce the airplane and automobile exhaust that accompanies mail delivery. Furthermore, the ink used for the letters and bills will be reduced if you have less mail in general. Lastly, think about the fact that a lot of trash ends up in landfills. You should do anything to combat this, including reducing your mail via signing up for online statements and promotions instead of snail-mail ones.

The next tip to create your dream green home is to not purchase materials with VOC and to dispose VOC products right away and in a safe manner. So what are VOC’s exactly? Well, VOC’s are volatile organic compounds. They can irritate your skin and breathing system and also gave negative effects upon your central nervous system. They also create pollution inside your home- they are particularly potent indoors as opposed to in the outdoors. They are one of the least green things you can have inside your household. You need to try to not add any to your house and to get rid of the ones you have, or products with them that you have. Please refer to safe and effective waste collection site rules before you do anything hasty. VOC’s are dangerous and subsequently, need to be disposed of properly. Once you do dispose them, however, your home will be much greener and better!

Here at City Power and Gas, we want to help you contribute to the greenness of your home. The greenest thing you can do today is to sign up for the astounding power and gas services we provide.

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