Is City Power and Gas a utility?

No.  We are an authorized energy supplier in your state.  We are also not a broker.

Is City Power and Gas a licensed supplier?

Yes, we are an authorized supplier registered with the PSC.  You can state CPG or its affiliated company are licensed to provide electricity and/or natural gas energy service in the following states: New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,Rhode Island

Where does City Power and Gas offer service?

City Power and Gas and its wholly-owned subsidiary currently offer natural gas and/or electricity service in more than 10 utility areas in New York and Massachusetts and are licensed to offer energy service in two additional states in the U.S.

What do I need to complete an enrollment online?

All you need is a copy of your bill. If you don’t have a copy you can go to your utility website and locate it quite easily.

I don’t have a copy of a bill. How do I enroll with City Power and Gas?

Call your utility or go online to your utility website and get your account data or view or print a copy of the bill. You need your account data to enroll.

I have a past due balance. Can I enroll?

Most of the time you can but it depends on your utility. Please continue with your enrollment and we will let you know if there are any issues.

Will I be switching my utility?

No. Your local utility will remain the same and will continue to deliver energy to your home or business and respond to service issues and emergencies just as they did when you bought your energy supply from them.

Is my electricity or natural gas service ever at risk by enrolling with City power and Gas?

No. You are never at risk of not having service by enrolling with City Power and Gas. Depending on your state, either collateral is posted or your receivable is secured with your local utility. In the unlikely event your account was not able to be serviced, your utility would procure and deliver to your home or business ensuring your service was not interrupted.

Will I upset my local utility if I switch?

Not at all. Switching will not affect your local utility. They will continue to deliver your electricity, read your meter and provide you with emergency customer service and bill you every month just like they always have.

Do I need to contact my current provider to switch to City Power and Gas?

No, we will do that for you. Once you sign up with us, we will notify your local utility.

I have a cancel fee with my existing supplier, is it worth it for me to enroll?

Call a City Power and Gas representative at 1-877-518-9339 with a copy of your bill and see what options they might have for you.

What do I get once I have enrolled?

Once you have completed your online enrollment, we will send you a welcome email with download links to your documents. Please check your junk or spam filters for the email and if you haven’t received it after a few hours please call customer service at 1-877-518-9339.

How long does it take to start getting my energy from City Power and Gas?

This varies from utility to utility. Once you have enrolled, you may see the switch as early as your next bill.

Will I get one bill or two?

You will receive one bill from your utility. You will see City Power and Gas listed as your supplier and that is how you know you are receiving our low rate.

What if I change my mind?

That’s ok. Contact our customer service so we can help you and look at your options.

What is the difference between a fixed and variable rate plan?

City Power and Gas offers both fixed and variable plans.

A fixed rate product may be higher or lower than utility rates, but, unlike utility rates, a fixed rate product will not change during the life of your contract. You are protected against unexpected and costly price increases and have greater control over the cost of your gas.

A variable rate plan allows you to purchase gas at market-based prices that change from month to month. While a variable rate is subject to monthly price increases or decreases, it may help you realize the lowest possible cost in the market. However, it also exposes you to possible price increases, and, unlike a fixed rate, a variable rate does not protect you against price volatility. This may be higher or lower than the utility rate.  

City Power and Gas offers competitively priced 3,6,9 and 12-month fixed rate plans for customers who are looking for price protection and competitive variable rate pricing for customers seeking the lowest energy rate at a given point in time. Shop our rate plans to find the plan that is perfect for your needs.

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Are there any hidden fees in your rates?

City Power and Gas does not surprise our customers with hidden fees. Our rates and fees are outlined and explained in the Terms and Conditions that accompany each service plan.

Are all taxes included in pricing?

Gross receipt taxes are included in our rate but you still have to pay the normal state sales tax for your area.

How can I see prices and plans?

You don’t have to enroll to see your options. It all starts with your zip code and from that we can give you some choices. If you like what you see, you can continue with the enrollment. You will receive an email after to confirm your choices are going to be applied from your next meter reading. Click Here to start

How does the 2% Cashback Reward Work?

After twelve consecutive months of service, we will automatically review your usage for the previous twelve months and pay 2% of your annual supply charges back to you. We will do this for both your gas and electricity bills.

How do I track rate changes?

Our rates are posted and maintained on our website. If you wish to see the current City Power and Gas pricing for your utility area, please enter your zip-code in our website Energy Price Finder.

I’m a City Power and Gas customer already and want to switch to a different plan?

Please call Customer Service at 1-877-518-9339 and they will be happy to help you.

My browser won’t display the website properly.

Some old versions of Internet Explorer are not supported by the website. If you are having issues going through the enrollment process we recommend you update your browser or open in Firefox or Google Chrome. You can also call Customer Service on 1-877-518-9339

I’m unhappy about something and want to complain.

We want to hear it if you’re unhappy. Call our US based customer service and they will do their best to handle any concerns

I can’t see a price or enroll online.

We want to know if you are having problems enrolling or your experience with this site. Email us at info@citypowerandgas-com.us23.cdn-alpha.com

I made a mistake on the website enrollment. What do I do?

Please call customer service at 1-877-518-9339 and our customer service staff will fix it.

I haven’t received my confirmation email.

The email is sent almost immediately. Please check your spam or junk folders for an email from welcome@citypowerandgas-com.us23.cdn-alpha.com If you still have not received it please call customer service at 1-877-518-9339.

Who do I call in the case of an emergency or service issue?

During an emergency or for any issue with your energy service, please contact your local utility.

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What is energy deregulation?

Energy deregulation gives consumers and businesses a choice when it comes to their energy supplier.  In deregulated markets, utilities no longer hold a monopoly on energy service as consumers and businesses have access to adequate and competitively priced energy supplies, able to choose from multiple competitive retailers that offer various service plans at competing rates.

Your state appointed utility still takes care of the infrastructure that makes up the distribution system, such as your power lines. They are responsible for maintaining this infrastructure as well as reading your meter and responding to emergencies. If you have an emergency with an outage or an issue with your power lines or poles, you still call your utility.

What is an energy supplier?

In a deregulated energy market, an energy supplier provides the opportunity for consumers and businesses to procure competitively priced energy service.  Energy suppliers acquire their electricity or natural gas supplies from the wholesale market and are licensed to sell it retail to homes and business.

An energy supplier is not your local utility as the utility still operates the local distribution network which carry electricity and natural gas through its territory and to homes or businesses. The energy supplier purchases and supplies energy, the local utility, delivers the energy to your home.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy, or green energy, is energy generated from natural processes that are continuously replenished and have less of a negative impact on the environment compared to fossil fuels. This includes energy generated from sources such as sunlight, geothermal heat, wind, tides, water, and various forms of biomass, which can supply a significant proportion of the nation’s energy needs.