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Saving Energy with Smart Home Technology: Part 2

Last week we introduced smart home technology and how much it can improve your home and save on energy bills. Managing your energy usage manually through standard methods like a conventional thermostat, light switches, and appliances is better than nothing, but it doesn’t account for unexpected events or human error. The average household spends $2000 every year on energy costs alone. While purchasing from a reasonable energy supplier is important, your choice in appliances also has a huge impact on gas and electricity usage. Smart home technology provides a fun way to manage your lights, HVAC, and appliances while helping you save on your energy bill and bridge the gaps in control using your smartphone or tablet.


Appliance Options

Home automation devices offer huge chances to save on your energy bill. Left the lights on when you walked out the door? Not a problem. Want to turn the AC off while you’re at work, but want the house to be nice and cold when you get home? They can do that. The options available for smart home appliances and the amount they can save on your energy bill will make you consider installing them throughout your entire home. Here are a few more items available in the realm of home automation.

Lighting Controls – Generally, most people already know about smart thermostats. While it’s true that the cost of heating and cooling makes up the bulk of gas and electric expenditures, lighting is up there in cost as well. Around 11 percent of energy usage is from lighting and electrical fixtures, putting them in second among the biggest consumers of energy at home. According to a study by the International Dark-Sky Association, about a third of the light we use may be unnecessary. Occupancy centers can tell you when rooms are left unoccupied and turn the lights off for you automatically. Motion sensors have been a part of the tech world for over thirty years now, virtually an eternity in the industry. Only recently, developments in sensor technology, especially in the world of optics, have made occupancy detectors much more accurate at sensing activity within the room. This helps you save on your energy bill by driving the cost of lighting down

Smart Power Strips – Not all electronics use the same amount of energy as others. DVD players, video game consoles, cable boxes, and automatic coffee makers are lumped into a category known as “energy vampires,” electronic devices that secretly suck down energy, even when they’re switched off. You can arm yourself against these energy monster with the use of smart power strips. They come with a motion detection system that shuts down your electronics when they sense there’s no one in the room, and reduce the overall amount of energy consumed. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory determined that installing just one $30 smart strip could net savings of around $200 a year.


One of the most beautiful things about home automation is that you have control of your entire home right at your fingertips. They allow you to access real-time usage information and monitor your consumption with helpful charts and graphs. It’s important to find an energy supplier that offers cheap electricity and fixed rate energy deals. Contact City Power and Gas anytime at 877-518-9339 or customerservice@citypower&

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