Prepare Your Home For Winter

Prepare Your Home For Winter

Winter is coming and the best thing you can do is to prepare your home for it. One good thing is that you are not going to need so much time or money to do it. All the preparation techniques listed here are simple and you can do them all by yourself. On the other hand, they have a huge overall effect on the bills. You will be able to save on winter gas bills big time.

Replace the batteries in programmable thermostats

In case a battery drains out, your thermostat will stop operating. When that happens, you will go back home and notice that the temperature inside is freezing! Obviously, you will turn on the heating to the max. This has a catastrophic effect on the heating cost and will guarantee you a much higher gas bill. Heating is the most affordable option as it maintains the average temperature.

Install CO detector

A carbon monoxide detector is incredibly important for your health. Carbon monoxide is known as a silent killer and it can and it will have a huge side effect on your health. Installing these simple detectors is as simple as it gets, but it will have a wonderful effect on your health protection. All homeowners with furnaces should definitely  install this type of detector.

Replace fireplace filter

If you haven’t replaced the filter for two years, now is the right time to do it. A dirty filter will limit air flow, cause smoke and more. All of this has a negative effect on the heating cost and will increase your gas bill. For example, you will have to use an alternative way to heat your home, or crank up heat that’s just being syphoned. Electric providers advise homeowners to replace these filters each year.

Check and replace weather strips

Weatherstrips, the ones you can find all around your doors and windows, have an effect on the heating cost as well. When they fail, they will create a draft, which makes you turn up the heating. Of course, this increases the gas and electric bills and this is something you definitely don’t want to do. In order to check them, you can use a candle. When the flame starts moving, you have a faulty weather strip. In order to replace all the weather strips in your home, you will need around $50.

Clean the gutters

During the winter, you are going to need clean gutters. They have a huge effect on proper home function and they are going to be needed in the spring. Now is the right time to clean them and make them work perfectly.

The final word

Preparing your home for winter is an easy task, as you can see. These methods are known to make your home warmer and more energy efficient. If you just follow these aforementioned tips and tricks, you will notice an improvement in the cost of your electricity bill and in some cases, in your physical health.

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