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New Year’s Resolutions for an Eco-friendly 2021

From starting new workout plans to decluttering your space — we’ve all heard these New Year’s resolutions before. For 2021, make a commitment not only to yourself but to the environment too. Add these seven action items to your list of goals this year:

  • Buy local 

2020 has been hard on us all, but especially for local businesses. Give some extra love to the restaurants, farmer’s markets, and shops in your community. Plus, buying from your local Main Street has less of an environmental impact. These products aren’t sourced from states across the country like chain stores. This means what’s on the shelves went through less transportation and fuel consumption, contributing less to air pollution. 

  • Eat plant-based

Whether you’re cooking or ordering out, try to pick plant-based dishes. Animal agriculture emits 58 percent of food emissions globally! So by cutting back on meat or any animal product, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. If going vegan or vegetarian isn’t your thing, include plant-based meals into your rotation a few times per week or month. These small steps make all the difference. 

  • Invest in reusable and sustainable products

Reduce your single-use plastic by swapping to reusable bags, water bottles, straws, or sandwich bags. Choose products with your favorite color or design so it’s easy to remember and fun to use. Make a habit of leaving your canvas bag or reusable go-to’s in the car, so you don’t forget them when you’re out. Replace everyday items with sustainable alternatives in paper, cosmetics, or toiletry. For example, instead of regular paper towels use bamboo paper products or reusable cloths. 

  • Grow a home garden

Harvest fresh whole foods from your backyard or windowsill —  you won’t even have to change out of PJs to get fruits, veggies, or herbs. Plus, you can fill your diet with more greens without all the pesticides. Grow houseplants to improve air quality and to boost your mood and overall mental health. 

  • Compost your leftovers

One-third of food in America goes to waste, so make use of each scrap. Create a bin in the backyard or a portable one for the kitchen. Mix carbon matter (corn cobs, eggshells, and shredded paper) and nitrogen (food scraps, coffee grounds, and leaves). For a basic compost, there should be equal amounts of browns and greens with water. You’ll know it’s ready once it’s dark, crumbly, and has an earthy smell. This can take a few weeks or up to a year depending if it’s outdoor or indoor compost.

  • Shop second-hand 

Not only do you save by shopping second-hand, but you also reduce landfill waste. In 2018, 11.3 million tons of MSW (municipal solid waste) textiles were discarded into landfills. Avoid fast fashion and visit your local thrift store or online second-hand shops like Depop, Poshmark, Thredup, and Mercari. And there’s more bargains and unique finds in clothes, furniture, and jewelry.  

  • Switch to renewable energy

Change it up from your usual utility provider by switching to an energy provider that supports your resolutions. City Power and Gas makes it affordable to go green with two renewable electricity plans to choose from. We’re committed to the environment and you, and we’ll be sure to show it with rewards each month. 

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