How Global Warming Can Affect Your Daily Life and Bills

How Global Warming Can Affect Your Daily Life and Bills

Unless you have been living under a rock recently, you will have heard a lot of references to global warming. This hotbed topic has turned into an incredibly partisan debate and rocked a lot of worlds. We see the issue on TV, but it’s another thing to think about how global warming may affect us in our daily lives. Whatever side you take, you will probably want to know what effects global warming could have on your, your home, your children and how much you pay in terms of energy.

So how exactly can global warming affect us on a daily basis? In this informative blog post, we’ll list five ways that climate change can affect you in ways you probably never thought of.

The first way climate change is hurting us is its threatening the key ingredients used in the production of BEER. Yeah, you heard that right. America’s favorite beverage is SUFFERING. There is a lack of clean water, barley crops are being damaged by increased amounts of rain and hops production has been inhibited due to drought (primarily, in America and Germany, the countries that provide 2/3 of the world’s hops intake). Water, barley and hops are an integral part of the brewing process and subsequently, breweries are beginning to pledge their support to help the environment and reduce global climate change.

Another adverse affect of global warming is that food prices are increasing because climate change is affecting global agricultural supply. This is because of extreme weather events that are a part of climate change. The fact that food prices are going up is pretty dangerous because when everyday life and necessities become unattainable, civil unrest grows. This could especially be the case in Africa and central/south America.

A third effect of global climate change is that storms and natural disasters are leading millions of Americans to be left without insurance for their homes. Almost 3 million American households lost coverage between 2003 and 2007. Of those 3 million, only about half obtained new coverage. Some insurance companies have stopped insuring certain states (Florida, for example), because they are seen as too disaster-prone. Or, the companies are at least drastically raising their premiums.

A fourth effect of rapid global climate change is that U.S. lakes are disappearing, thus putting the drinking water supply at risk. 1/3 of the world’s major lakes and rivers are drying up, seriously impacting groundwater wells for 3 billion people. This isn’t just in America- this is also happening in Bolivia, Iran and Africa.

The last and most profound effect of global climate change is rising energy costs. Hot summers are nothing new for Americans, but the bad news is that it will only get more costly to dial up the air conditioner or keep your refrigerator running. This is especially true in traditionally hot states like Texas, for example. Energy costs across the state have witnessed an increase of almost 20 percent as the impact of climate change (via greenhouse gas emissions) manifests. The impacts are predicted to get more grave- scientists predict that the average global temperature will raise between 2 to 4 degrees during this century. Thus, it is especially important to have reliable energy means during this changing time, especially in terms of power and gas. When it comes to making sure you’re provided for during trying times, look no further than City Power and Gas.


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