Give Green This Holiday Season

Give Green This Holiday Season

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to get our younger family members for the holidays, especially if you’re not up on what the kids are into. Well, one trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon is eco-friendly, or green, presents. Especially those in their younger years, although not just them, are starting to really worry about the state of the environment and subsequently, are trying to plan ahead. Engaging environmentally-friendly sentiments in the presents you give to the youth you know will really make the holidays something special. Here at City Power and Gas, we are all about providing our customers with sustainable, affordable, high-quality power and gas solutions. We care a lot about the environment, not just as it relates to power and gas. That’s why we’ve compiled this informative blog post, to showcase some of the best environmentally-friendly products and items, that can turn into the best and most thoughtful gifts this holiday season.

Eco-friendly Hairdryer: Hair product companies have been racing to implement environmental-friendliness into their products. Several companies have been able to create hair dryers that use only half the amount of electricity that is typically needed. The hair dryers work by optimizing the airflow. By optimizing the airflow, less energy is used to heat the air and voila, less energy is used in general. Another great environmentally-friendly tip is to use the cool setting instead of the hot setting on hair dryers. Anyways, an eco-friendly hair dryer is a great option for any green girls you know, or any green guys who really care about their hair!

Green Umbrella: What the heck is a green umbrella? You may be wondering. Well, a green umbrella is simply the skeleton of an umbrella. You can put whatever fabric or cloth you want on the skeleton, ensuring maximum dryness and maximum benefits for the earth! Two birds with one stone. This present will delight anyone, especially people who live in cities or those who commute to work.

Hippie Rings and Jewelry: Lots of jewelry designers are switching to more sustainable materials, to benefit the world, but also to be aesthetically pleasing. This is a great gift choice for all of the sustainable fashionistas in your life. You can find a myriad of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and especially rings, made of recycled materials such as recycled wood or cork. The green gals in your life will be delighted by this thoughtful present!

Cork Chairs: Household furniture and products often promote and create a lot of waste, especially in terms of packaging. Additionally, they use non-renewable materials. A great and fun way to combat this conundrum is to buy or gift an eco-friendly chair made of recyclable materials, such as cork. Whoever you gift this to is sure to be delighted with the newfound ability to lounge in style, while supporting a healthy environment.

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