City Power & Gas Ranks the 5 Greenest Celebrities

City Power & Gas Ranks the 5 Greenest Celebrities

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen is not just a pretty face- she has also garnered praise for her work in ecological conservation and education. Through her eco-friendly flip-flop line- Ipanema Gisele Bundchen- the supermodel has raised funds for conservation efforts in the Amazon and Atlantic Rainforest.

She also launched the Clean Water Project where she aims to protect micro-basins and all kinds of vegetation in her homeland Brasil. She started this with her famous football hubby and adorable children. In 2011, Harvard’s Center for Health and Global Environment named her the year’s Global Environmental Citizen and in January this year, she made a visit to Africa on behalf of the United Nations Environmental program. 


Leonardo DiCaprio

As an environmentalist, DiCaprio is best known for having co-written, produced and narrated the global warming film “The 11th Hour.” But long after the credits rolled, his own Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation sought to make the world a better place by protecting important resources, including forest preservation, healthy oceans, clean water access and renewable energy.

DiCaprio actively serves on numerous environmental boards including the Natural Resources Defense Council, Global Green USA, World Wildlife Fund and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. On top of all this, he recently met with President Donald Trump to enlighten him on the subject of climate change.


Maroon 5

This entire Grammy-winning band is committed to green touring. Since 2008, the Environmental Media Awards of 2006 honoree has been using biodiesel-powered tour buses, promoting recycling at its concert venues, and donating a portion of ticket sales to Global Cool, an environmental charity that works with entertainers. Maroon 5 has also played at Live Earth and headlined the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo last year. The best-selling artists are also strong supporters of the Environmental Media Association, Kiva and Teen Impact.


Brad Pitt

Apart from his well-documented humanitarian efforts, the star is also a longtime environmentalist. His Make It Right Foundation has built 150 green homes in New Orleans, complete with environmentally sound technology. The U.S. Green Building Council lauded the star for his role in establishing “the largest and greenest single family community in the world.”

Pitt has donated more than $5 million to this project alone and through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, also helps oil the engine for various other natural resources and wildlife conservation campaigns.


Robert Redford

A pioneer among celebrity environmentalists and a former “Time” magazine “Hero of the Environment,” Redford founded Sundance Preserve, a non-profit organization working to protect the North Fork Canyon in Utah. He also produced “The Green,” an eco-themed TV program that tackles issues such as solar energy and wilderness preservation.

Redford was honored with Duke University’s lifetime environmental achievement in the fine arts, LEAF, award in 2009. He also wrote op-eds calling for at time President Obama to end pipeline Keystone XL efforts. 

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