Celebrate Earth Day’s 50th at Home

Earth Day turned 50 this year on April 22nd and celebrations are still in order throughout the week even as we practice social distancing. Since 1970, Earth Day stands as a reminder for us all to make an effort in protecting our environment. More than 190 countries and one billion individuals join in every year to mobilize global change for more sustainable practices and policies. For this year’s topic, the Earth Day Network focused on action towards climate change. As global temperatures and sea levels rise and extreme weather events grow more frequent, Earth Day remains more relevant than ever.

Although Earth Day might look different this year as we continue the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to continuously honor and take care of our planet in the comfort of your own home. 


Connect and Take Part Online 

Having the opportunity to go digital provides us with ways to connect with one another whether we’re close or afar, including some of these events going on during Earth Day and beyond. On the Earth Day’s official website, the Earth Day Network celebrated with a global live event with performances and positive messages of hope and action. To continue the celebration even after Earth Day, join Earth Day Live. It’s organized by The US Climate Strike Coalition and Stop The Money Pipeline Coalition and offers a three-day livestream event with activists, celebrities and musicians to raise awareness about the current climate. If you want to learn and hear from the experts, there are conferences held through the weekend like the Earth Optimism Digital Summit by Smithsonian Conservation Commons and Earthx Conferences partnered with National Geographic. 

Express Your Creativity

Get your creative juices flowing by creating posters, digital art or any kinds of drawings to show how you’re commemorating the Earth. Hang your artwork on your window to share the celebration within your community. You can take your work online by posting it on social media and tagging organizations like the World Wildlife Fund with #artforearth where they will share their favorites. Each day of the week is focused on a topic such as food, forests, climate and oceans. If coloring is more your forte, the United States Environmental Protection Agency offers coloring pages which is perfect for kids too. Even if you just want to view artwork, NASA offers illustrated posters within a high resolution PDF. And if you want to stay connected online through the means of art, PangeaSeed Foundation holds a virtual environmental mural festival from April 21 – 26 by bringing artists together from around the globe. 

Practice Simple Ways to Go Green

Within the space of your own home, you can honor our planet by planting a garden or maintaining it by creating a compost bin. You don’t have to just grow flowers but you’re own fruits, veggies and herbs too. You can also support your local farmers’ markets as not only does it help them but the environment too. The local produce is transported from shorter distances, meaning it uses less fossil fuels and contributes less pollution. Also, the food is often less processed. To reduce your plastic usage, you can use reusable products like refillable water bottles and canvas bags. Get connected with the Earth by spending time outdoors whether it’s in your own backyard or taking a stroll or bike ride in your neighborhood. 

Switch to Reusable Energy

One way of reducing your carbon footprint is by changing the way you consume energy. By using reusable energy, it can decrease air pollution by not producing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. City Power and Gas makes going green easier by offering Premium Green and Classic Green electricity plans at an affordable price you can feel comfortable with. Plus, by making the switch you will help limit the production of carbon dioxide which is a major contributor to climate change. City Power and Gas is here to celebrate our planet not just on Earth Day, but everyday by giving you energy that is beneficial to you and the planet. 

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