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City Power & Gas is a different kind of energy company. We have a commitment to delivering the best possible energy rates, protection against surprise high energy bills & exceptional customer service. Not only that, our 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee & an extensive Rewards Program is available to all customers as standard.

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$300 Reward Dollars & 2% Annual Cashback Reward Each Year


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$300 Reward Dollars & 2% Annual Cashback Reward Each Year


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$600 Reward Dollars* & 2% Annual Cashback Reward Each Year


–  residential only

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The customer is at the heart of everything we do & we love to hear what our customers think!
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[lvca_testimonials_slider slideshow_speed=”5000″ animation_speed=”600″ pause_on_action=”true” pause_on_hover=”true” direction_nav=”true” control_nav=”true”][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Angelica Torres”]I can’t recommend City Power enough, I feel really valued as a customer – which is really rare these days, especially from energy companies![/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”John Andreas”]Been with them for 2 years now & I have zero complaints. Such great rates & service compared to my old energy provider, any time I have to call to speak to someone they’re always so friendly & helpful.[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Robert Michaels”]Finally a company that rewards their loyal customers & not just new ones! Recommended a few friends & family members now & we love them.[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Zaina Mason”]Really great & dependable service, can’t recommend enough.[/lvca_testimonial_slide][/lvca_testimonials_slider]

*Green energy plans are supported 100% by Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that are purchased and retired in an amount sufficient to match your annual consumption. RECs are a tradeable, non-tangible energy commodity in the United States that represents proof that 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from an eligible renewable energy resource like biomass, hydro, solar or wind. Please see your Terms of Service for more information.