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Did you know that the New York energy market has been deregulated? This has been the case since the late 1990’s, however many New York residents still don’t know what deregulation is or what it means for them. Essentially, deregulation means that residents have the power to choose their energy supplier, freeing them from their utility & opening them up to better rates & service for their energy!


Generation Companies

These are the folks that physically generate the electricity & process the natural gas so that both are safe for use by the public.

Retail Providers

This is where we come in – as a retail provider, City Power & Gas buys gas & electricity wholesale from the generation companies. We then make all the arrangements for this energy to be delivered to your local utility provider.

Utility Providers

These guys are the ones who make sure the energy actually shows up when you need it. We’re contracted by your local utility provider & we’ve integrated our systems with theirs in order to make this a seamless process, meaning less outages for you! Bottom line: you’re ablae to enjoy fantastically uninterrupted service at great prices – with the added benefit of being able to choose the plans & products you want!

Now, there’s a lot of work that goes into getting your gas & electricity from source to your home – more than you may have even imagined! For you to flip the switch, a lot of different entities that have to work together to provide a seamless service.

That’s why we’re here to break it down for you so you can understand the journey your energy goes through & the choices that are open to you when it comes to your energy needs!

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1 As a City Power & Gas customer, you may receive access to “City Power & Gas Rewards”. City Power & Gas Rewards is an online reward program, which is both free and voluntary. Full program terms and conditions provided in customer agreement which will be received upon enrollment.


Fixed rate customers receive a rebate check after 12 months of consecutive service. Rebate check to be issued within 90 days of their 12-month anniversary of continuous service based on 2% of total supply charges for those 12 months. Full program terms and conditions provided in customer agreement, which will be received upon enrollment.


City Power and Gas will send $50 Visa Card or Major Brand Equivalent to eligible customers, 90 days after their electricity account has been successfully switched to City Power and Gas. A limit of one $50 Visa Card or Major Brand Equivalent per customer enrolled.